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YC World is a system for searching company connections, building and visualising business links between companies and individuals from the CIS countries and the United Kingdom and uncovering hidden insights

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Track relevant connections between subjects. Find out who is ultimate beneficial owner.

Find insights during deep search and analysis of connections.

Check and visualise your partner's close associates and potential risk factors.

3 000+ users from all over the world search company connections in YC World

To verify their partners and clients, investigate and uncover corrupt activities, and carry out their daily AML, KYC & KYB processes

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YC World was a great tool to check and search information with its rich database!
Temo Inasaridze
Journalist Samkhretis Karibche

Search, build and visualise business connections in the CIS countries and the UK with YC World

The YC World system is designed to visualise and build company connections for in-depth analysis and informed business decisions. It is a part of the line of analytical tools by Ukrainian IT developer YouControl.


The main goal of our team is to contribute to developing a transparent business environment and complying ESG principles in Europe and worldwide by providing sanction screening, KYC, KYB and anti-money laundering tools, enhancing the capacity of compliance officers to identify and prevent risks.

YC World ensures a thorough analysis of the links between countries and individuals at various levels. The system provides information on companies and individuals in 26 countries, focusing on CIS and UK jurisdictions. Every day we work to strengthen our investigative and analytical initiatives.

Due diligence with YC World tools allows you to visualise and build connections for in-depth analysis in order to establish the legitimacy of the business, identify risk factors and ensure compliance with KYCC requirements.

YC World

The relevant information when building connections between companies and individuals from the CIS countries and the UK

Visualisation of links on the Infinite graph to quickly identify dependencies between entities and find hidden insights. The depth of verification is unlimited.

Visualisation of links on the Infinite graph to quickly identify dependencies between entities and find hidden insights. The depth of verification is unlimited.

180+ mln

Actual connections for your for research and analysis with YC World

Information on assets and ultimate beneficial owners. Movable property database: superyachts and aircraft

Information on assets and ultimate beneficial owners. Movable property database: superyachts and aircraft


Built-in automatic transliteration, especially useful when searching by Slavic names

Information on companies, individual entrepreneurs, and individuals in international registers

Information on companies, individual entrepreneurs, and individuals in international registers

What makes
us unique

Infinite graph of connections

The colour codes highlight different types of connections between entities

Adjust the depth of connection verification that is convenient for you

Infinite graph of connections

The graphical display of connections shows a large amount of information conveniently and clearly. That allows you to quickly identify dependencies and links between different entities, which helps to find non-obvious and complex dependencies.

Automatic transliteration & translation

Choose the original language or English in one click

Automatic transliteration & translation

Built-in automatic transliteration, especially useful when searching by Slavic names, making searching more simple. The automatic translation allows users to freely switch between the original language and English.

Automatic highlighting risk factors

Markers indicate a «toxic» trace leading to countries that sponsor terrorism or dictatorships that are global outsiders

Automatic highlighting risk factors

Focus on the main things and save time. The system checks for links to sanctioned entities, analyses the country of registration of a company or an individual's citizenship, their relationship with the PEPs etc.

The new version is significant improvement over what was a great product. The Graph View option and Find Relations were fantastic additions — the latter being a unique feature that I cannot recall see anywhere else.
Thomas Mangine
Director, AML & Risk Resilience, DAG Consulting

And that's not all...

YC World is designed
to make your compliance routine easier


YC World will help you assess the risks associated with political influence and prevent corruption, conflicts and misuse of political connections. System include huge database of PEPs and their family members in the CIS countries and Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan).

Risk factors

YC World automatically highlights potential Risk factors and toxic connections: links to state sponsors of terrorism as defined by the EU and the US, links to jurisdictions with significant deficiencies in their anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regimes, links to countries that are aiding and abetting sponsors of terrorism, links with offshore etc.

& war criminals

YC World's risk factors will help you avoid cooperation with sanctioned entities and the possibility of your organisation being involved in a money laundering or terrorist financing scheme. Information on war criminals, collaborators and civilians supporting the war in Ukraine are added.

Try it and see for

Try it and see for

yourself with 7-day

yourself with 7-day

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demo access

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processes with the YC World API

Insights on a company or individual and their connections in international jurisdictions directly in your work systems. The YC World API can be easily integrated into your workflows and software products (website or desktop application with Internet access). This will allow you to instantly check for risk factors in the company or person with whom you want to do business.

YC World Api
  • Obtain info about the entity's ties to PEPs
  • Get information about the up-to-date links between entities
  • Find out about the ultimate beneficial owners of British and Russian companies
  • Get information on sanctions and connections with sanctioned entities
  • Find out about links with risky countries and sponsors of terrorism
  • Receive information about companies, individuals, assets, documents

Finally, let’s look at how you can use YC World for different needs

Compliance officers & specialists

Check existing or new counterparties for affiliation with sanctioned companies, individuals, PEPs, and high-risk countries.

CEO, COO & business owners

Make decisions about cooperation based on complete and reliable information from 26+ jurisdictions.

AML & KYC specialists

Checking the origin of the counterparty and its connections to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Making the process of Know Your Business, KYCC and KYC easier.

Law enforcement agencies

Prevent any diversion activity in the centres of the civilised world. Expose those who took part in hostilities on the side of the Russian Federation.

Journalists & independent investigators

Lead independent investigations and create journalistic materials. Expose carefully hidden traces in world jurisdictions with offshore zones and personas non grata.

Public authorities

Initiate sanctions and search for Russian and Belarussian assets outside these countries for further disclosure, freezing, and seizure.

YC World

All information in one system. Check what you need when you need it. Save time and costs.

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Explore and uncover hidden connections for in-depth analysis and develop a transparent business environment

3 000+

users have experienced the benefits of the system

199.8 mln

connections have been shed light on during the first year of operation


sources of information

Determining the involvement of links has become a key security parameter. Constantly considering this fact, we bring ourselves and society closer to the best version of historical data.
Chris Windley
Chairman and CEO at Cyber Security Association

countries are interested in verification with YC World


international jurisdictions

43+ mln


27+ mln


The platform was very easy to use and the ability to run both English and native language was great
Head of Financial Crime and Data Analytics, Confidential customer from USA

Official partnerships
and memberships in associations

London chamber of commerce and industry
Association of corporate investigators
The association of governance risk & compliance
International compliance association
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